Major thrust areas within the subject in which research activities are being pursued

The broad fields of research in the School at present are

  • Development of Model for Arsenic Sludge Safe Disposal
  • Artificial Recharging of Aquifer
  • Limnological Study with special emphasis on Thermal Stratification in Turbulent Structure
  • Riverine Bank Stability Analysis
  • Soil Moisture Conservation
  • Soil Water Plant Relationship
  • Surge Profiles for Water Intake Pump System of a Thermal Power Plant
  • Sedimentation Transport Mechanism
  • Impact of Forested Watershed on Stream Flow & Water Quality
  • Impact of Leaching from Municipal Solid Waste Dumping Station on an Urban Watershed
  • Pressure Transients Analysis in a Metro City Water Supply System.
  • Simulation & Water Assessment of Indian River Basins with Distributed & Lumped Modeling
  • Artificial Neural Network Analysis (ANN) for Riverine & Channel Flow Systems
  • Groundwater Flow Simulation by Ground Water Modeling System (GMS) & insitu Validation by Vertical Electrical Sounding (VES)
  • Development of Low Cost Model for Filtration Unit in a Rural Community
  • Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources
  • Urban hydrology including storm drainage
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Impact of climate change on Water Resources
  • Irrigation & Drainage Development Plan
  • Sewer Transport System
  • River basin development
  • Wetland management and development
  • Investigation of feasibility of inland water transport
  • Development of alternative energy sources, e.g., tidal power, pump storage plants, micro hydel plants etc.
  • Investigation of the drinking water supply system.
  • Investigation of the contamination of groundwater sources.
  • Design and development of source and water intake system for Drinking Water Supply and Treatment Plant.
  • Development of Low Cost Potable Water Supply System.
  • Watershed Management
  • Initiation of Benchmarking of Irrigation Projects for Performance Improvement
  • Study of Travel of Pollutant from on Site Sanitation Leach Pits


Ph. D. Thesis : Completed

Sl. No. Title Year of Registration Year of awarded Candidate Name of the  Supervision
1. A Critical Assessment on Water Resources of West Bengal 1991 1995 Mr. Atanu Bihari Goswami Prof. Balaram Bose (Retd.)& Ajay Lal Mukherjee
2. An Integrated Approach of Water Project in Developing Economy 1996 2001 Mr. Dipankar Bose Prof. Balaram Bose
3. Study of Morphometry and Hydrothermal Analysis of a Tropical shallow Lake 2001 2006 Mr. Nihar Ranjan Samal Prof. Balaram Bose (Retd.),Prof. Asis Mazumdar & Dr. Debasri Roy
4. Prediction of Water Resources of Some Important Eastern River Basins on account of Global Climate Change with the help of Hydrologic Simulation Model 2003 2006 Mr. Pankaj Kumar Roy Prof. Asis Mazumdar & Dr. Debasri Roy
5. Impact Assessment of Ganga Action Plan on Public Health 2002 2007 Mr. Arunabha Majumder Prof. K. J. Nath
6. A Study on Water System Analysis of  Haora River Basin, Tripura: An Integrated  Approach 2002 2007 Mr. Shekhar Dutta Prof. Dr. Asis Mazumdar
7. Geographical Information System (GIS)Based Runoff Modelling and Development  of User Interface for Effective Management of Agricultural Watersheds in Laterite zone of Dwarakeswar River Basin 2003 2008 Mrs. Purnima Mishra Prof. Asis Mazumdar& Dr. Debasri Roy
8. Participatory Management of Ecosystem Services: A Study of Wetlands in West Bengal 2006 2008 Ms. Malabika Biswas Prof. Asis Mazumdar  & Dr. Debasri Roy
9. Performance Evaluation of  Roughing Filters for Cost Effective Rural Water Supply System 2002 2009 Mr. Biswajit Mukhopadhay Prof. Dr. Asis Mazumdar & Dr. Goutam Banerjee
10. Investigation on Gaseous Flow Characteristics in Parallel Plate Micro Channel and Micro Tubes 2002 2009 (Ph.D.Engg.) Mr. Nirmalya Bayal Prof. (Dr.) Asis Mazumdar and Dr. Arunabha Chanda
11. Assessment and Prediction of Water Availability of Some Basins in Eastern India with Emphasis on Soil Moisture Accounting 2004 2009 (Ph.D.Engg.) Ms. Sujana Dhar Prof. (Dr.) Asis Mazumdar
12. Environment Impact Assessment in Integrated Water Resources Management: Applications of Fuzzy Logic 2007 2009 (Ph.D.Engg.) Mr. Srijit Biswas Dr. Pankaj Kumar Roy and Dr. Sekhar Datta
13. Study of the Status of a Lake and Simulation of its Pollution Dynamics with Particular Reference to Mirik Lake, Darjeeling 2003 05.05.2010 (Ph.D.Engg.) Mr. Arun Kanti Biswas Prof. (Dr.) Asis Mazumdar, A. K. Mishra and Dr. Pankaj Kumar Roy
14. Cohesive Sediment Transport Mechanism Analysis 2004 2010 (Ph.D.Engg.) Mr. Sanchayan Mukherjee Prof. (Dr.) Asis Mazumdar
15. A Critical Study on Drinking Water Supply Management in Agartala City 2007 24.05.2010 (Ph.D.Engg.) Mr. Manish Pal Dr. Pankaj Kumar Roy and Dr. Sekhar Datta
16. Watershed Modelling of River Damodar with the help of Neural Network and Genetic Algorithm 2008 2010 (Ph.D.Engg.) Mr. Mrinmoy Majumder Prof. (Dr.) Asis Mazumdar and Dr. Pankaj Kumar Roy
17. Vulnerability Assessment of Teesta River System under Changed Climate Scenario 2005 2011 (Ph.D.Engg.) Mr. Rabindranath Barman Prof. (Dr.) Asis Mazumdar and Dr. Pankaj Kumar Roy
18. A Study on Carbon Sequestration through Plantation for Mitigating the Adverse Impacts from Development Activities 2007 2013 (Ph.D.Engg.) Mr. Bipal Kumar Jana Prof. (Dr.) Asis Mazumdar and Dr. Pankaj Kumar Roy
19. Study of the Impact of Sediment Transport Dynamics on Clear Water Scour 2011 2013 (Submitted) (Ph.D.Engg.) Mr. Subhasish Das Prof. (Dr.) Asis Mazumdar


Ph. D. Thesis : Ongoing (registered)

Sl. No. Title Year of Registration Candidate Name of the Supervision
1. Water Resources Management in Andaman and
Nicobar Islands with reference to 26th December,  2004 Tsunami and Earth Quake
2007 Mr. Amlanjyoti Kar Prof. Dr. Asis Mazumdar
2. Study on Effects of Scour and its Probable Use as a Dredging Mechanism 2008 Mrs. Khwairakpam Padmini Chanu Prof. Dr. Asis Mazumdar & Dr. Rajib Das
3. Alternative Marine Propulsion System – A Critical Study and Analysis 2008 Mr. Saptarshi Basu Prof. Dr. Asis Mazumdar
4. Simulation of Carbon Sequestered in Fast Growing Tree Species and Development of management Plan for a Participatory Forest Management Area of West Bengal to Adapt Clean Development Mechanism 2008 Mr. Sanjay Bala Prof. Dr. Asis Mazumdar
5. Mechanism of Pollutant Transfer through Symbiotic Relationship between the Biotic and A-Biotic Factors of  East Kolkata Wetlands with the help of Ecosystem Modelling 2008 Mrs. Anindita Bhattacharya Prof. Dr. Asis Mazumdar,
Prof. Arunabha Majumdar  &  Dr. Pankaj Kumar Roy
6. Evaluation of carbon sequestration potential of
some important plant species in social forestry
2009 Mr. Soumyajit Biswas Prof. Dr. Asis Mazumdar  &  Dr. Pankaj Kumar Roy
7. To Study the Extent and Magnitude of Risks
of Arsenic Ingestion in Human Body through Food Chain and Development of Mitigation Strategy through Sustainable Interventions
2009 (Ph.D.Engg.) Mrs. Mandira Ghosh Prof. (Dr.) Arunabha Mazumdar, Dr. Jyotirmoy Mazumder and Dr. Pankaj Kumar Roy
8. A Critical Study on the Potential of Hydro Power Development on the Gumti River Systems under Changed Climate Scenario 2011 (Ph.D.Engg.) Mrs. Kaberi Majumdar Prof. (Dr.) Asis Mazumdar,Dr. Pankaj Kumar Roy and Dr. Sekhar Datta
9. A Study on Environmental Assessment Including
Sediment Accumulation Pattern in the Vicinity of Nayachara Island the River Hooghly under Pre and Post Farakka Barrage Condition
2011 (Ph.D.Engg.) Mr. Adya Prasad Banerjee Prof. (Dr.) Siddhartha Datta and Prof. (Dr.) Asis Mazumdar
10. A Study on Groundwater Assessment,
Development and Management in the State of Tripura
2011 (Ph.D.Engg.) Mr. Jayanta Deb Barma Prof. (Dr.) Asis Mazumdar and Dr. Pankaj Kumar Roy
11. A Critical Study on Efficient Solid Waste Management of Agartala City with an Integrated Approach 2011 (Ph.D.Engg.) Mr. Tarun Kanti Debnath Dr. Pankaj Kumar Roy, Dr. Manish Pal & Dr. Sekhar Datta
12. Characteristics of Vortices in Equilibrium Scour Holes at Interfering Piers 2012 (Ph.D.Engg.) Mr. Hasanur Jaman Prof. (Dr.) Asis Mazumdar
13. Dynamics of  Cohesive Sediment Transport under the influence of Viscosity 2012 (Ph.D.Engg.) Mr. Arijit Dutta Prof. (Dr.) Asis Mazumdar and Dr. Sanchayan Mukherjee
14. Integrated Cost-effective Model for Augmenting Sustainable Water Supply through Surface and Groundwater Interaction in Hydrological and Hydrogeologically Critical Areas of West Bengal 2012 (Ph.D.Engg.) Mr. Gourab Banerjee Prof. (Dr.) Asis Mazumdar, Dr. Pankaj Kumar Roy and Prof. (Dr.) Arunabha Majumder
15. A Critical Study on the Environmental Impact on Neer-Mahal Palace in Rudrasagar Lake, Tripura for Its Vulnerability Assessment 2012 (Ph.D.Engg.) Mr. Joyanta Pal Prof. (Dr.) Asis Mazumdar, Dr. Pankaj Kumar Roy and Dr. Manish Pal


M.E. Thesis (completed)

  1. Study on the Performance of Wastewater Treatment System of Pulp and Paper (Recycling) Mill
  2. Assessment of Water Availability in the Subarnarekha River Basin Under Projected Climate Condition
  3. Study of Some Important Hydrological Features of the Flood Plain of the Damodar River
  4. A Study to Ascertain the Optimum Yield from Groundwater Source: A Case Study
  5. Study on the Performance of Dual Media Filter for Water Purification
  6. A Study of Single Stack System of Plumbing With and Without Vent in Sanitary Drainage System for Buildings
  7. Vortex Characteristics in Scour Hole around a Circular Pier
  8. Modification of Hunter’s Curve in the Perspective of Water and Energy Conservation
  9. Analysis of Scour Hole Geometry around a Circular Pier
  10. Application of Appropriate Methodology for Planning and Design of Storm Water Drainage System for Class-I Town
  11. Risk of Water Inundation in Road Alignment Index (RAI) with the help of Storm Water Modeling and Management (SWMM) System
  12. Flood Inundation Study of Kolkata Metro City with Remote Analysis of Vulnerability by Non-Linearization Algorithm (RAVANA)
  13. Assessment of Dynamic Ground Water Potential of Agartala Municipality Area
  14. Feasibility Analysis of Mini Hydel Power Plant on the Tiljuga Dhar River at Nirmali, Bihar
  15. Analysis of Scour Around a Bridge Pier in a Clear Water Regime
  16. Analysis of Pipe Line Alignment of a Thermal Power Plant Based on Pipe Line Identification with help of Geoinformatics Tools (PIGMI) and Hammer
  17. Identification of Tidal Power Site in the Coastal Regions of West Bengal with the help of Remote Sensing and Cost Benefit Analysis with Linear Turbulence (COBALT) Algorithm
  18. Assessment of storm water runoff from hinterland and overall storm drainage planning and design for the housing complex project ‘EDEN CITY’ Maheshtala.
  19. Operation and maintenance and quality assurance of Garden Reach Water Works.
  20. Comparative study of different pipe materials for water service.
  21. Development of distributed, coupled, modified rational model (DISCORAT) in estimation of river runoff.
  22. Development of REATR55 pseudo spacious model in estimation of river discharge for river Damodar.
  23. A brief study of the turbulent flow characteristics of classical hydraulic jump.
  24. Estimation of water availability and optimal power generation with the help of TR-55 and MEMP algorithm.
  25. Estimation of river runoff in Damodar and Ajay catchment with the help of HEC-HMS model.
  26. Stimulation study of the Dwarakeswar Reservoir project at Suknibasa in the district of Bankura in the state of West Bengal.
  27. Chemical cleaning of processes of boiler-A case study of Bakreshwar Thermal Power Plant.
  28. Rational water distribution in a big multistoried building.
  29. Development of industrial water pollution index.
  30. Delineation of Suitable Water Harvesting Options in the Upper Reaches of Dulung Nala.
  31. Municipal Waste Water Management at East Kolkata Wetland.
  32. Economic Analysis of the Water System of a Power Plant.
  33. Quantitative and Qualitative management of sludge generated by different treatment operations in Indira Gandhi Water Treatment Plant, Palta.
  34. Transient Analysis (Both on Water Hammer and Column Separation) – A Case Study of Mejia Thermal Power Station, Damodar Valley Corporation.
  35. Analysis of Electrical System of Intake Water Supply of a Power Plant.
  36. Global Warming and Its Impact on Water Resources.
  37. Development of Rainwater Harvesting Measures for Sustainable Livelihood Rural Communities Some Case Studies in West Bengal.
  38. Performance Evaluation of KMC Drainage through DWF Channel in the stretch of East Kolkata Wetland (EKW)
  39. Prediction of Runoff for the Basin of Dulung Nala, a Major Tributary of the Subarnarekha River using Geomorphological Approach
  40. Selection of Suitable Site for Construction of Water Harvesting Structure in and around Upper Reach of Dulung Nala at Belpahari, West Midnapore, West Bengal
  41. Development of a Model for Effective Filtration through Up-gradation of HRF in combination with SSF
  42. Design of Common Effluent Treatment Plant(CETP) for Small Scale Galvanizing Industries Situated in Howrah
  43. MATLAB – Simulink Design of a Variable-Speed Axial-Piston Pump for FDEHA Application
  44. A New Approach in Modeling of Hydraulic Turbines based on Velocity Diagram for Control Applications
  45. Some Important Aspects of Pipeline Health Check Up of Power Plant Water Intake System
  46. Optimization and prediction of the characteristic of the river Damodar, an integrated multi-reservoir system, with the help of Artificial Neural Network (ANN)
  47. Criteria for Assessing Servo Valve Reliability
  48. Design of a Hydropower Plant with Hydro and Thermal Power Scheduling
  49. Optimization Technique for Removal of carbon-oxidation of Wastewater, Dakshin Raipur Water Treatment Plant in a Single Batch Reactor
  50. Study of Water Quality and Pressure Transient Characteristics in a Pipeline for Modern Water Hydraulic Systems
  51. Analytical Study of Hot Water Supply System in Multistoried Building using Solar Heaters
  52. Numerical Study of Sediment Transportation of Particles in Straight Open Channel Flow
  53. Study of Pipe Network System & temporal Decay of Chlorine for the Water Treatment Plant at Dakshin Raipur, West Bengal
  54. Network Analysis of Cooling Water System in a Petrochemical Plant
  55. A Numerical Approach for Prediction of Dissolved Oxygen through Simulation of Thermal Stratification and Turbulent Kinetic Energy in a Lake
  56. Estimation of Probable Maximum Flood for Panchet Dam Site
  57. Estimation of Probable Maximum Flood for Maithon Dam Site
  58. Development of Flood Forecasting Model for Damodar Catchment
  59. Hydrothermal coordination in Power System
  60. Hydraulic Network Analysis for Fire Fighting System of a Power Plant
  61. Selection of a Material for Cost-optimized Penstock capable of withstanding Water Hammer
  62. An Approximate Empirical Formulation and Engineering Guidance For Seepage Loss in Meandering Rivers
  63. Physical Meandering River Model Based on Topographic Steering Mechanism Illustrating Lateral Migration
  64. Flood Forecasting Model for Barakar Catchment
  65. A Study for estimating the effect of Hydraulic Parameters on Bacteriological Removal Efficiency of HRF in combination with SSF
  66. Performance Evaluation of DVC Hydel Power Stations and System
  67. A Comparative Study of Runoff between Lumped and Distributed Model of Ajoy River Basin
  68. Study of Physico-chemical and Biological characteristics of water of the Rabindra Sarobar Lake, South Calcutta, West Bengal
  69. Experimental Study of Free Jet Flow Past Spheres
  70. Experimental Study of Flow Past Different Bluff Bodies and Numerical Study of Separating Flow Past an Obstruction
  71. Experimental and Numerical Study of Flow Past Bluff Bodies
  72. A Numerical Study of the Graetz Problem with Axial Heat Conduction
  73. Experimental and Numerical Study of Boundary Layer Characteristics in the Entrance Region of a Two-Dimensional Duct
  74. Assessment of Water Resources in the Dwarkeswar River Basin : An Integrated Study
  75. Fire Water in the CMC Area : A Case Study
  76. Slow Sand Filter-A case Study
  77. Simulation of Reservoirs : A Case Study
  78. Integrated Planning of Water Supply System for a Medium-size Community
  79. Development of inland freshwater swamps in Uttarbhag
  80. Computer Aided Analysis of Groundwater Flow
  81. Bathymetric Studies of Coastal Region of West Bengal by Satellite Imageries
  82. Performance Evaluation of Maithon Hydel Power Stations and System
  83. Estimation of Performance of Low Cost Water Treatment Unit using Horizontal Roughing Filter for Rural Water Supply
  84. Development of Numerical Model for Assessment of Thermal Stratification and Dissolved Oxygen Distribution in Tropical Shallow lakes
  85. Water Transport in and around Calcutta :A conceptual study
  86. A study of Slow Sand Filter System of the Palta water Works
  87. Analysis & performance study of a Single Basin Solar Still
  88. A study on the river morphology of Sub-Himalayam West Bengal
  89. Study of post implementation performance of Panchet Hydel Power Station D.V.C.
  90. Harnessing energy from a small stream at Saikabari, North Tripura
  91. Performance evaluation of Hydel Power Station Systems
  92. Post implementation performance of Maithon
  93. A Critical Study on the Drinking Water Supply System Based on Surface Water for the Inhabitations of Sector-V of Bidhan Nagar Municipality.
  94. Planning and Design of Cost Effective Water Harvesting and Recharging Structure for Efficient Utilization in Over-Exploited Groundwater Resources in Rural Areas of West Bengal: A Case Study